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Fawaz Baker

What I like at this devoted it is its going beyond of oneself. The details and the precision of its work charm with which look at and those which listen to its musical instrument, that points out the days to me when the very good craftsmen did not work to earn money, all the times that it manages to solve a new problem in the manufacture of its instrument, it seek other more precise major problems to arrive to perfection which generates another of them.
I know Nabil Kassis, this famous artist, since years. He plunges in the test, he triumphs there to start again so much so that all new result remains more beautiful, more beautiful than his precedent, I believe that results only from its great love and its ideal respect of its career, this passion and this large respect creates so much heart in the wood which he works, which it forms of the sounds to which the musicians and the listeners are attached.
Our eyes and our ears are demanding more since they saw and listened to what your hands did.
One thanks you dear Nabil for the beauty of your work.

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Dear Sir,
I am pleased to thank you and to pay homage to you for the beautiful piece which you had the kindness to manufacture to me; and I can only congratulate the music world and the craftsmen lute makers to have in their row a performance like yours.
But above all, I would like to thank vigorously my friend and brother Mr. Mohsen SOUAS, and Mr. Kamal KASSAR, who worked so that this beautiful instrument arrives on good board. If I had some regrets to formulate, it would be the short period which remains to me to enjoy this instrument. I am certain that many musicians would like to have such a specimen.

For my part, this desire came to me since July 1972, date at which I took part in the 1st pan-Arabic festival of youth in Algiers, and where I made acquaintance of in particular Iraqi musicians who owned instruments of value. Therefore, I made a point of having some too, what did not fail to arrive 4 years later as I came into possession of an Egyptian qanun, which enabled me to play behind the biggest Tunisian artists such as Nêma, Oulaya, Amina Fakhet, Soufia Sadek, Youssef Tmimi, Hédi Jouini, Bouchnek, Chawachi, Béji…. And also some oriental artists like Abdou Skandarani, May Yazbak, Julia Botros, Ely Chweiri.... As Well as I took part in many international festivals: Carthage, Hammamet, Sousse, Dogua, Tastour.

But what I can affirm is that currently, I have one of the best pieces which exist in the Arab world, as per the opinion of several Tunisian and Iraqi specialists who teach at the Higher Music Institute of Sousse.

In the end, I thank you again as well as I thank Mr. Soua and Mr. Kassar, and I hope that your trade will persist beside all these new technologies which disfigure the Arab music.

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Music from Nejib Gharabi

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As a professional Kanun player for the past 30 years, I’ve played many  Kanuns  from different countries and different makers. To date, I own 9 Kanuns from all over including Egypt and Syria. But when I played on one of Nabil Kassis’ Kanuns,  I was so impressed with it, I had to buy one. With all due respect to the other nun makers this was top of the line. Nabil’s Kanun was by far better. The sound is incredibly crisp,  the workmanship is excellent, and tones are amazing.It has become my preferred Kanun.

 Nabil, I wish you the best of luck and success.
Thank You, Elias Kilzi



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I have been player of kanoun for 5 years, I am pleased to announce to you that I learned how to play on this splendid instrument thanks to large Syrian professors (of Alep) Mr. Jalal joubi (player with the most famous singer in the Arab world Mr. Sabah Fakhri),and Mr. Nabil Kassis (player with large singers Arab, including the large singer Mrs. Majida Al Roumi).
I will say in all sincerity Mr. Nabil Kassis is the only Syrian player whom I saw who play on a kanoun manufactured by himself to compose of 10 levers.
And besides I have 3 kanoun manufactured by himself with a quality of sound, never considering! And incomparable with all that I saw until now! And finally I thank Mr. Nabil Kassis and Mr. Jalal Joubi with which I must have learned the kanoun much.

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Naaman Nasser

I wish to express my pure thanks and gratitude for Mr. Nabil Kassis the skillful manufacturer of the Qanun : a great deep-rooted musical instrument.

So in summer of year 2005 I purchased a Qanun musical instrument made by Nabil Kassis for my daughters to learn playing on it.
Because it’s the first instrument: I purchased C class not the
A CLASS , in C class the leather part of the instrument is a leather goat , although a well known Qanun players in my country when they saw the instrument and played on it they express to me their astonishment from the great sound and the accuracy of the well manufactured instrument and they told me that this Qanun is equal to an A CLASS THAT MADE BY THE OTHER MANUFACTURERS OF THE INSTRUMENT.

I wish to point that every one which heard the instrument and delightful pure sound knows that the maker of it is a person who knows all the secrets of the Qanun instrument.

Also I wish to emphasis about the very excellent treatment and the loyalty and the complete credibility and the excellent job of the respectful man Mr. Nabil Kassis
And here is the claw about what I said above: playing oadak ranan (beautiful song of Fairouz the great singer) PLAYED BY THE Qanun player Mr. Samer Shhouk Bishara
You can download it from youtube site by clicking the link above or you can write the link above in your search browser.
Mr nabil I thankyou very much and I wich you a great success and the good health
Sincerely yours with full respect

Naaman Nasser advocate
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Safi Zeinab

Called « Sheikh of players in Aleppo ». Born at 1929, studied the music and grew By Haji Abdul Latif Al-Nabky, the first player of qanoon in Aleppo. He was colleague of Sheikh Ali Al-Darwish . From the beginning of fortieth he began his studies by professor Shoukri Antakly  who learned him playing qanoon.
Many famous players and musician knew Mr. Safi like Mr. Sami Sandook, Salim Ghazaleh and Mohamed El-Sabouny.
After studying the theories of Arabic music and its essential dimensions, he became master in playing this instrument.
In the fiftieth, Safi started his professional life, he worked together with local singers like Mr. Mustafa Tarrab, Asaad Salem, Bakri Al-Kurdi, Mohamed Al-Nassar, Mohamed Khaïry, Sabah Fakhri and others foreign singers like Mr. Wadi El-Safi, Karem Mahmoud, Fayed Mohamed Fayed and Mrs. Leila Hilmi.
During this long way with the music, Mr. Safi tried to manufacture qanoons, but due to his continues travels and his concerts who didn’t stopped, his experience remained relatively small.
Mr. Nabil Kassis was his sole student, in all his life Safi didn’t learn to anyone playing qanoon but to Nabil Kassis. Safi blessed the works of the talented artist Mr. Nabil Kassis  because it was his first successes in teaching and playing. Mr. Kassis realized Safi’s dream and made integrated qanoons with homogeneous and sensitive sound.
Mr. Safi Zeinab, the first qanoon’s player with the singers Mr. Sabah Fakhry and Mohamed Khaïry stopped his work in 1998 leaving a distinct bright pages of this instrument and left beautiful “takasims”  having special characters with many singers.
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Hassan Tennari :

I born in 1960 at Maaret El-Noman; the town of the poet and philosopher Abu El-Alaa El-Maary.
Since my childhood I heard the blooded art as all the members of my family  were musicians. I learned the music at the Arabic college of Music in Aleppo, which is related to the ministry of culture at 1968 and awarded the certificate of graduation Excellent at 1973 My professor was Dr. Saad Allah Agha Al-Kalaa. Then on 1976 I presented my papers to the artists syndicate and obtained the membership despite my age. After that I was called chief of the artists syndicate orchestra, and then I was called chief of the artists syndicate of Aleppo. On 1979 I was appointed chief of the band of the force officer club for 3 years. I worked together with the musician artist Mr. Sabah Fakhry for 15 years. At 1983 I formed a musical  brand called « The Golden cord » we played with the most celebrate singers from the Arabian world as Wadii Al-Safi, Elias Karam, Nasri Shams-Eddin, Mrs. Souad Mohamed, Mrs. Mayada and her sister Faten Hennawy,  Mr. Shady Jamil, Mrs Samira Tawfic, Assala Nasry, Noor Mhanna, Mohamed Jamal, Mohamed Khairy…

I awarded the gold medal of the Royal Moroccan army, I participated in the recordings of the “ Diamond brand “ at the television of Libya. I represented Syria at the Middle East festival at 2000 in Tunis. I was invited to represent Syria at the festivals of Egypt, Turkey and Algeria, but as I was very busy at that time I could not participated. I visited many Arabic and foreign countries (European and American) and I represented Syria at the festival of the Arabic college of music in Paris.
I called professor at the Music college in Aleppo, where I composed a book for teaching how to play qanoon. Many institutes used my book over the world and especially the Arab world.  Really I loved my qanoon .

After that I knew Mr. Nabil Kassis and gave  him some private lessons on this instrument, and I was very surprised by his distinctive musical talent and his intensity knowledge  of the details of this instrument. I expected that Mr. Nabil will leave his clear touch and effect in the near future as he know how repairing and manufacturing the finest qanoons in the Middle East. I boat one of his qanoons, which has a very beautiful voice. It is my companion in all of my travels.I wish him all the best, success, continues prosperity.



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