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Jalal Joubi

Marouan Mecho Mehyi el Dine Gali Ghassan Gazal Emily Antoine
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Jalal Joubi  

Jalal Joubi is Alepin of birth and with fact its studies with the academy of Alep in 1981.
Youssef Hajé learned how to him to play of the violin, then was the turn with Moustafa Al-Darwish, the son of the large musician Ali Darwich, who it nitia with the great theories fundamental of the musical one. Followed of Nadim Al Darwich which learned to him the secrecy from the notes, melody, rates/rhythms and scales.

It is in 1990 that it started to play of Qanun and became member with the trade union of the artists in 1994. Had with its talents extrèmes, it started to work, in 1994, with the large singer, and very well-known in the Arab world, Sabah Fakri. It initially played of the violin. Then Qanun taken of the emplor in his interests, in 1997.
In short, Jalal Joubi affirms that of the four Qanuns that it makes acquisition, that of Nabil Kassis was the best. It makes use jusu' of it now and company holds to him where it goes. It currently plays of Qanun in the orchestra of Sabah Fakri which expressed its admiration for the manufacture of this instrument which was manufactured by Nabil Kassis.

Jalal Joubi passes message: "Of the quatres (4) that I bought during my career, only of Nabil Kassis I liked that. I wish in Nabil Kassis prosperity and success in the life because it deserves it after all these efforts."




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Marouan Mecho
Marwan distorted artist, a graduate of Aleppo Institute of Music. Has studied the pace by artist Mohammad Muhanna, and studied the zither playing by the artist and preacher. The roles of music and Alnotp was examined by Professor Mohammed Amuri, and then studied law at the approach by the artist Hassan Tnari.
Won in 1994 at artists, trade union membership was the musician for many artists such as Sabah Fakhri, Nihad Najjar, bath charity, was Rashid Ghazi, and Mohsen Force Sultans enjoyment.
Known artist Marwan distorted not convinced any machine owned by the law. Allowance has many, many, many machines because of flaws in it. The most critical of the machinery and manufacturers. But when he saw the machine Industry Act artist Nabil Kassis shocked and rushed to the acquisition of this machine to view the work of the accuracy and quality in manufacturing and smooth in song and beauty in design. Into the machine that is unfailing and proud, wherever he went.

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Mehyi el Dine Gali

"Since my very tender childhood which I am impassioned of Qanun. So much, that I bought myself one of them. I thus put myself to play about it, and suddenly, I drew the attention of my uncle Mohammed Ali Ghali, professor with the radio of Lebanese diffusion and with the national academy, it then registered me with the national academy to develop my talents, which according to him were more than good.
I then studied with the academy. My professor, Mohamed Sabsabi, were very proud of my talent and I was among the permiers with the consevatoire. I had right to several purses that nobody had had with paravant.

My musical career started after having finished my studies. I worked then with very large singers such as Farid Al Atrach, Karem Mohammed, Mahoud Abd El Moutabeb, Chadia Mahamad Kiri, Wadig Al safi, Mohamad Al Arabi, Fairouz, Sabah Alia, Tunisian, Charifa Fadel, Fabd Ballan, Najah Salan, Souad ' Mouhammad, Smira Tanfik, Mohannad Abdon, Fadel Armoud, Mahoumd Ruchdi, Sayed Mékarvi and I pass from there.

I also took part in many world festivals among which I had right to plueisurs medals. I reçoie constament innomblables invitations of the Arab countries to be member of sworn in competitions of Qanuns.
Qanun of which I currently play is made by large Nabil Kassis. A man in whom I have very large fièreté. Most enthralling with him, it is that it knows as well with in played to manufacture some. Very rare thing nowadays.

Its Qanuns are remarkably incredible. I cannot say evil of these bijous because they do not have aucuns defects for me. It is the mixture d.' artist and of manufacturing which makes EC instruement perfect tool for a player of Qanun. I wish him best luck in the music and art to manufacture Qanuns."



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Ghassan Gazal

Ghassan with fact its studies with the academy of Damas. It plays and is currently a proffessor of Qanun to the academy of Alep.

It has consilier the Eastern music and the Western music by the intermediary of the piano, without counting its participation very marked in the concerts in Damas and in Cairo.
It says: "Qanun that I use is manufactured by Nabil Kassis. It is the instrument most thoroughly conceived that I know. Moreover, it drew the attention of several Russian experts whom I met and who taught with the academy of Damas. The colleagues often borrow my Qanun to play about it in the concerts or their examinations. I am more than satisfied with my Qanun. Thank you Nabil!"

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Emily Antoine

I was born Emily Antoine Toulon in France, studied music and playing piano in the micro-machine and studied at the Institute of handicrafts and obtained a diploma. And to hear the zither in concert bands that come to France, resulting in the manufacture of this I have a dream machine Shrni voice, and this dream can be achieved only Bseveri Arab country to make this machine, and after research and verification learned that the most famous manufacturers of this machine is Syria and Turkey travel Vazmt This beautiful country of Syria, and when I arrived Syria reached through good and people like Professor Salim artist Bali to plant the most important opinion of the law professors in Syria, a music professor Nabil Kassis, after Nabil see me and see how my love and my passion to learn and Andfai this industry before Ptahlmy me and the subject Keep it began in Manhattan on a daily basis and I am full attention of the touched by the accuracy and professionalism, and after careful study and consideration of the dimensions of the machine, as this study and education needed to play on this machine, because the factory is convinced that any musical instrument must be skillful musicians Every development in the playing Develop industry-level and made me work under his supervision in some important matters in the machine industry, but the short-term (six months) is not enough to learn the industry is a precious note that my teacher has more than fifteen years in this craft and he always considered himself first and all the way On discovering and developing something new.

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